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Established in 1970, the ICA (International Computer Association) has grown into one of Japan’s largest, most influential organizations covering Information Technology and Business in Japan. The ICA provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and identification of business expansion opportunities with many of the key movers and shakers in Japan. Read more about the ICA

[Jun. 19th, 2014] CONGRATULATIONS! 2013 Japanese Taxes are finished, we made it!

201406_Jason_HurstSpeaker: Jason Hurst
Representative Director, Tokyo Japan, International Solution Group

Let’s talk about what you can do now, so you can pay less tax in 2015 when you file this year’s, 2014, taxes. If you are thinking about ways to pay less tax after the New Year, it is too late!

Reducing your taxes is all about being proactive, taking action before the end of the year will ensure you get nice refund when Mar 2015 comes around.
So, what can you do to reduce your Japanese Tax exposure?

[May. 15th, 2014] Japanese Companies Do Not Understand Marketing! Why and Implications for Japan Inc

201405_Robert_E_PetersonSpeaker: Robert E. Peterson ("Bob-san")
President, Wickaboag Consulting Group, Inc.  Marketing & Communications Problem Solver

It is widely acknowledged by many business people - Japanese and non-Japanese - that Japanese companies and executives do not understand marketing.  As a result, marketing does not have a core function in the Japanese business model, and plays only a small role in corporate decision-making.  Mr. Peterson will reveal to us the many reasons why. Unless Japanese companies urgently embrace marketing they risk becoming (even) less competitive in the global marketplace.  This lack of marketing knowledge and skill affects foreign companies operating in Japan in terms of recruiting marketing talent into their Japan operations.

[Apr. 17th, 2014] Sick & Tired of Resume-Collecting Recruiters? Fire Your Recruiter & Take Control

201404_James_SantagataSpeaker: James Santagata
Founder and Managing Director of Career OverDrive! and SiliconEdge.

Most job seekers naively view Recruiters as the "Gatekeepers" to a treasure trove of jobs.

And why not? A recruiter has "all the answers", "tons of experience" and knows the industry like nobody's business: The client, the hiring manager , they do this for a living -- best of all, it won't cost you a thing.

Best of all, what possibly could go wrong?