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2014 Christmas Message
Established in 1970, the ICA (International Computer Association) has grown into one of Japan’s largest, most influential organizations covering Information Technology and Business in Japan. The ICA provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and identification of business expansion opportunities with many of the key movers and shakers in Japan. Read more about the ICA

[Feb. 19th, 2015] If your employees aren’t growing they’re going!

Mr Brent ConckleSpeaker: Brent A. Conkle
President & CEO of Business Across Cultures Co., Ltd., & BAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.

If your employees aren’t growing they’re going! – Solution: Create an employee value proposition that focuses on unleashing, empowering & engaging leadership.

If your people aren’t growing they are either going to work Retired On Active Duty (road kill) or worse yet, your best leave for greener pastures creating a critical talent drain for your organization. We all know that both crush your bottom line, are extremely costly (emotionally & financially), lead to a loss in customers as well as market share thus creating a negative downward spiral.

[Nov. 20th, 2014] I'm 40 Now!!!!! Is It Really Game Over For Me In Japan's Job Market ?

Picture of James SantagataSpeaker: James Santagata
Founder and Managing Director of Career OverDrive! and SiliconEdge.

Even 6 years after the Great Recession and the Wall Street Bank Implosions began, a large majority of job seekers are still finding the job search and career transition process to be extremely rough if not a brutal and harrowing experience.

The slides for our presentation can be found here ICA Over 40 Presentation Slides.

Among job seekers, arguably no group is more negatively affected by this brutal reality than 40+ year old job seekers.

[Oct. 16th, 2014] Branding YOU

Picture of Rei Hasegawa.Speaker: Rei Hasegawa
Head of Corporate Communications, Japan and APAC Social Media - LinkedIn Japan

Our speaker will show the importance of self-branding as a professional, and advise on how you can get the most out of LinkedIn, like many successful companies and individuals have, to help you and your company be more successful and productive.

The presentation also introduces how LinkedIn is used, and LinkedIn's business updates in Japan. The workshop will be delivered in English.