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Established in 1970, the ICA (International Computer Association) has grown into one of Japan’s largest, most influential organizations covering Information Technology and Business in Japan. The ICA provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and identification of business expansion opportunities with many of the key movers and shakers in Japan. Read more about the ICA

[Nov 1st 2017] "Rise of Ransomware is Stopping Businesses. How can your organization Stay Resilient?"


Speaker:  Brent Reichow
Co-founder & CEO, Blueshift Data Protection

For years extortion has been a successful way for criminals to coerce money from victims. Extortion still exists but recently criminals have found a much more efficient way to extract the money - ransomware. Ransomware by definition is a form of malware that stops or limits access to systems, either by locking the screen or by locking your files. This is typically done with an encryption algorithm known only to the criminal. Money is demanded and until it’s paid the victim cannot use or gain access to their data.

[Sep. 29th, 2017] Tokyo IT Professionals Networking Party


Join the AFCEA Tokyo (東京) family and friends on Friday September 29th at The New Sanno Hotel for a special joint networking event with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Information, Communications and Technology Committee (ACCJ ICT), International Computer Association Japan (ICA Japan) and Women in Technology Japan (WITJ).

This event will be a great opportunity to meet folks who specialize in AI, IoT, Cyber Security from different organizations in a very attractive and unique venue.

[Sep. 1st, 2017] Tokyo Bay Cruise ICA Summer Networking


Two hour boat cruise in Tokyo Bay out past Haneda Airport. Come in a YUKATA to get in the JAPANESE SPIRIT. Two hours Nomihodai (all you can drink, no food included). Over 1,000 people aboard ship, ICA will reserve space on the top deck

Fun under the moonlight in Tokyo Bay.

Escape the summer heat by joining us for a fun filled evening aboard ship cruising Tokyo Bay. Enjoy the elegant surroundings of the Tokyo night skyline while connecting with professionals and business executives from a variety of industries.

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