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Established in 1970, the ICA (International Computer Association) has grown into one of Japan’s largest, most influential organizations covering Information Technology and Business in Japan. The ICA provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and identification of business expansion opportunities with many of the key movers and shakers in Japan. Read more about the ICA

[Mar 26th 2018] "Cryptocurrency ecosystem; It’s impact on businesses and pitfalls"


Speaker:  Karsten Klein
Founder and CEO of KLEIN K.K.

The recent incident at the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck (loss of USD 500M) and digital wallet provider Parity (loss of USD 280M) have been widely reported in the news.

The cryptocurrencies ecosystem has been growing very rapidly. However, the technology, infrastructure, governance and organizational setup has not been fully developed, integrated and tested.

[Feb 27th 2018] "Japan Labor Shortage; Is it for real? How will it play out?"


Speaker:  Grant Habgood
Managing Director, SThree PLC Japan Operations

The job market for foreign nationals follows a cycle that sees Japanese conglomerates switching their priority between hiring foreign and domestic

In some sectors, such as Hi Tech start-ups, there are employment opportunities for foreign nationals who don’t possess strong Japanese language skills, the opposite could be said for other sectors in the market that are prioritizing on Japanese language skills, potentially forgoing the chance to secure the experience and skills of professionals who do not have the Japanese skills.

[Dec. 7th, 2017] ICA Japan End of Year Bonenkai


The ICA invites you to join our Bonenkai event to be held at Hobgoblin Shibuya. This will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new people and network with peers in related industries, or simply to put names to faces as we head to the end of the year.

Be sure to bring your colleagues and friends to join the party.

Open to all, RSVP required.

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